1. restoration to life giving leadership that empowers staff to thrive in their work and survive challenges to their productivity

2. the state of returning to your leadership sweet spot

RETHRIVAL specializes in partnering with international companies and humanitarian agencies in order to provide coaching to increase their performance and effectiveness as leaders and decrease burnout and attrition.

International relocation coaching is fast becoming a key strategy in preparing, transitioning, and retaining key employees and their families.

The coaching relationship is characterized as committed, individualized leader development, support, and care so the primary mission and vision can be effectively implemented.

About Bob and Rachel
Bob and Rachel...their real-life experience in successfully leading a large international team has sparked in them a passion to share with others key strategies to thrive!
New Rethrival Ideas
New topics include retention, stress management, cross-cultural adjustment, stress testing, coaching and developing your international team, and more!
CSA Stress Scale
The CSA is the world's best stress assessment. As a comprehensive, scientifically-researched stress scale, it packs a HUGE amount of information in a short time.
How to Deal with Stress
How to deal with stress - take a stress test that will help you understand your stress in five major domans and 20 behavioral areas.
CSA Coaching
CSA Coaching is a necessary part to get the full impact of the CSA. A coach is only as good as their training and implementation of the coaching tools.
Stress Level Test
A stress level test with the right research can be very helpful. See how the CSA excells compared to all other tests available worldwide.
Stress and Anxiety Symptoms
Stress and anxiety symptoms
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms
Find out what the post traumatic stress disorder symptoms are, and what you can do about them.
CSA Testimonials
Read CSA testimonials about the effectiveness of the Cerny Smith assessment and coaching.
Cultural Differences in Communication
Cultural differences in communication
Self Help For Depression
Self help for depression is possible to a certain degree. Depression has several different causes which must be accurately addressed.
Help For Teenage Depression
Teenage depression has risen dramatically. Find help for teenage depression immediately.
Privacy Policy
Privacy policy for Rethrival Consulting.
Contact Us
Contact us - either Bob or Rachel Schaus for additional consulting, to take the CSA
Bob and Rachel Schaus

Bob and Rachel Schaus have over 30 years of combined cross-cultural experience. Most of those years were spent working in the restrictive war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Their years of service in leadership positions developed a passion for encouraging, coaching, and supporting global field leaders. They bring a frontline, “in-the-trenches” perspective to high-risk/stress team leadership.

CSA Assessment